I. Scope

HG Residences Viana, Lda., headquartered at Passeio das Mordomas da Romaria, nº 17 to 21, 4900-532 Viana do Castelo, is concerned with the protection of your personal data and privacy.

In accordance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (RGPD), as well as the terms of Law 58/2019, of August 8, which executes the RGPD in the Portuguese internal legal order, HG Residences Viana, Lda. has the legal duty to protect the personal data of all our customers, employees, suppliers, partners and users from our website.


II. Conceptual definition

a) What is Personal data?

According to the RGPD, personal data is understood to mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (where an identifiable person is considered a natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to an identification number or to one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity).

b) What is Personal Data Processing?

According to the RGPD, the processing of personal data is understood as the set of operations carried out with the data or set of personal data, by automated means or not, such as the collection, registration, organization, structuring, conservation, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, broadcast or any other form of availability, comparison or interconnection, limitation, deletion or destruction.


III. Procedures

a) Documents

The personal documents that HG Residences Viana, Lda. uses for its activity are:

a) Citizen Card / Identity Card;

b) Taxpayer card;

c) User Card;

d) Health Subsystem Card;

e) Clinical Information;

f) Address;

g) Telephone contact;

h) Curriculum Vitae;

i) Work Aptitude Sheet;

j) Certificate of Qualifications;

k) And, others required by law.


b) File process

a) All documents that HG Residences Viana, Lda. uses are treated as follows:

1. They are not reproduced, the copies provided are kept;

2. Documents are kept in a proper file for this purpose;

3. In case of need, they will be pseudonized;

4. Are scanned to data file in digital format;

5. They are always handled by the same person, under the order of the DPO;

6. Data and clinical information are for the exclusive use of the medical and nursing department;

7. Whenever requested by the person who provided the data, they will be destroyed.


b) Processing of collected data

All data collected by HG Residences Viana, Lda., are used only for the purposes that the holder has made available and will be destroyed as soon as the purpose for which they were made available is not verified.


c) Access to data

Access to data is prohibited for most people. Only the person in charge of data protection or another person authorized to do so has access to the data.


d) Appointment of the Data Protection Officer


Mr. Acácio Vieira Pereira de Barros was appointed as Data Protection Officer at HG Residences Viana, Lda.


HG Residences Viana, Lda.

Tour of the Pilgrimage Butlers, nº 17 to 21

4900-532 Viana do Castelo

Tlf: 258 824 905


IV. Rights of Data Subjects

a) Under the terms of the RGPD, HG Residences Viana, Lda. guarantees the performance of all the assumptions provided for in its rights as data subject:

a) Right of Access: information may be requested regarding the way in which your data is being processed and for what purposes;

b) Right to Rectification: may, without undue delay, request correction and update of personal data;

c) Right to Erasure: everyone has the right to data erasure (right to be forgotten) and in accordance with article 17, all data obtained will be destroyed upon completion of the purpose for which they were obtained, taking into account the rules legal and priority rules that determine its maintenance for periods provided for by law;

d) Right of Opposition: everyone has the right to object for reasons related to particular issues.

e) Right to Portability: the holder of data subject to portability, as in the case of certificates of competence and other documents provided for in other legislation, are communicated to their holders and under their consent;

f) Right to Limitation of Processing: the right to obtain restriction of the processing of your personal data, when you wish to contest and verify the accuracy of your personal data and when the processing is unlawful or if you have deducted your right to object;

g) Right to Withdraw Consent: you have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data at any time;

h) Right to File Complaints: they can complain about the processing of their personal data to a supervisory authority, the Portuguese supervisory authority being the National Data Protection Commission.


V. Data Protection Process Evaluation

There is at HG Residences Viana, Lda. a verification system to assess the effectiveness of the Data Protection process.

HG Residences Viana, Lda., developed processes to detect, mitigate, report and investigate the violation of personal data protection, always keeping in mind the issue of security, through internal audits to assess the effectiveness of the RGPD process.


VI. Privacy Policy Review

HG Residences Viana, Lda. reserves the right to change the contents of the Privacy Policy without prior notice, despite disclosing and publishing the changes on our website.

Viana do Castelo, April 16, 2021