I. Scope

HG Residences Viana, Lda. cares about your privacy. In this sense, a Cookies Policy was created to make known which cookies we use on our digital platforms.


II. Conceptual Definition

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer or mobile device, through a browser on a visit to a digital platform, with the main purpose of storing, retrieving or updating data. Typically, these files collect information of a general nature, with the aim of measuring audiences or determining the approximate location of users who access our digital platforms.


III. Typologies

On the digital platforms of HG Residences Viana, Lda. there are several types of cookies that aim to enable different degrees of optimization of the browsing experience and service levels.

a) Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that remain stored in the browser until the user leaves the website, so there is no record left on the user's hard drive. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyze traffic patterns on the website, which allows us to improve the content and navigability of the website;

b) Permanent cookies: these cookies are stored in the user's browser and are used when returning to our website.


IV. Functionalities

a) Essential cookies: these cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the website, allowing correct navigation and the functioning of the applications that make it up;

b) Analytical cookies: are those that allow us to carry out statistical analysis of how users use the website. We examine the navigation on our website, with the aim of improving the services we make available to you;

c) Advertising cookies: are those that allow us to manage in a more efficient way the offer of advertising spaces that exist on the website, being able to analyze your browsing habits and show you advertisements related to your browsing profile.



V. Use of cookies

The user can configure his internet browser (browser) to accept or reject new cookies, as well as disable cookies previously stored on his device.
internet or device (usually located under “Settings” or “Preferences”).


VI. Data Protection Officer

Mr. Acácio Vieira Pereira de Barros was appointed as Data Protection Officer at HG Residences Viana, Lda.


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VII. Privacy Policy Review

HG Residences Viana, Lda. reserves the right to change the contents of the Privacy Policy without prior notice, despite disclosing and publishing the changes on our website.

Viana do Castelo, April 16, 2021